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Meertrans - customs agency

Odbiór certyfikatu AEOIn the scope of services of our Customs Agency, we offer a full customs service, carrying all procedures in the field of trade with countries outside the Community (third countries) and customs services in the field of intra-Community trade.


Customs services in the field of trade with third countries - Szczecin, Świnoujście, Kołobrzeg, Gdańsk, Gdynia.
Declaration of goods for the following procedures:

  • simplified procedures
  • simplified deferred VAT procedure
  • admission to trading
  • exports
  • transit
  • temporary admission
  • inward processing
  • outward processing uproszczonych

Submission of customs bond at the customs debt for goods imported from third countries.

Placing goods in customs warehouses.

Customs declarations for physical persons in the field of property resettlement. 

Preparation of additional documents necessary for foreign trade:

  • Movement Certificates EUR.1, Certificates of Origin, TIR Carnet, CMR,
  • documents issued by other external services such as WIORIN, SANEPID.

Customs services in the field of intra-Community trade - INTRASTAT DECLARATIONS:

  • representation of business entities before the customs authorities
  • recording of intra-Community acquisitions of goods within the Intrastat system and preparation of declarations of import - WNT
  • recording of intra-Community supplies of goods within the Intrastat system and preparation of declaration outwards - WDT
  • preparation of internal VAT invoices
  • transmission of Intrastat declarations to the competent Customs Chamber and archiving thereof
  • submitting applications and appeals to be examined by the customs authorities

Help and advice in the field of customs legislation:

  • consultancy in the field of customs legislation
  • off-site work of customs agent
  • taking actions in front of the Customs Office on behalf of the Client
  • preparation of applications and appeals on behalf of the client for submition to the Customs Office

Necessary documents

In order to represent you in front of the authorities of the Customs Office it is required to sign an authorization for representation and attach:

  • current corporate documents certified as true copies
  • confirmation of registration in the EORI system
  • confirmation of registration in the PDR system

The necessary forms of authorizations and documents for registration in the EORI and PDR system will be sent to you by e-mail.


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